My treatment was painless. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

The results exceeded my expectations. Painless and BEYOND effective.

Loved Dr. Arona she explained everything to me and the results were incredible just after one treatment!

After having to take medication for a few years I was happy to hear about ThermiVa and after 1 treatment I no longer have used any meds and now I still don’t and have had all 3 treatments and I am thrilled.

Ihad a bad incontinence problem where I couldn’t even ride in the car for 2 hours and after 3 treatments I can go for as long as 4 sometimes 5 hours in the car and my husband is thrilled!

I was embarrassed to go to the event and my friend dragged me along with her, but after hearing Dr. Arona speak and other women talk opening I felt more comfortable and realized there were others with the same problem as myself. It made me feel that there was help and with no surgery or downtime and no risks I signed right up and boy was I glad I did. I have had 2 treatments and it has made a huge difference for me already.

I have had 4 children and with incontinence and a stretched vagina I needed help! I had 3 treatments and it really helped and has made a big difference for me.